20 Bathroom Storage Ideas Under $20

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Unless you live in a palace, your bathroom isn’t nearly as big as you need it to be. Sure, it serves its purpose, but even those of us who appreciate small-space living like to keep things organized!

Although square footage may be at a premium, you have lots of options to help you maximize your three-dimensional space. Here are 20 of our favorites that won’t bust your budget.

1. Hang a Shoe Organizer

For out-of-the-way organization, try hanging a full-size plastic shoe organizer over the back of the bathroom door. The pockets are the perfect size to hold hairbrushes, styling products, barrettes, deodorants, facial cleaners, etc.

2. Use PVC Pipe for Storing Thin Items

Cut a 2-inch-diameter PVC pipe into short pieces; mount them on the inside of your cabinet door to hold curling irons and other thin items. For larger styling tools like blow dryers, use a PVC pipe with a 4-inch diameter. Need to hold two styling tools? Buy the 45-degree PVC pipe, which has a second tube splitting off it. If you’d rather mount it to the side of the cabinet in plain view, spray paint it to match your bathroom décor.

3. Use Magnetic Strips to Store Metal Small Items

Available with adhesive for lighter items or wall-mounting hardware for heavier items, magnetic strips are versatile and inexpensive. Install one on the inside of your vanity door for tweezers, nail clippers and grooming scissors, or apply small pieces to the back of your most-used makeup and hang them on a decorative sheet of metal on the wall near the vanity.

4: Use Extra Rods & Hooks in the Shower

Install an extra tension rod a few feet below your shower rod for extra storage. You can use inexpensive shower hooks to hang your loofah brushes or washcloths, or lightweight plastic baskets to store kids’ toys, soap and sample-size toiletries for guests.

5. Upcycle an Old Rake

Do you love rustic décor and upcycling? Hang a painted hard rake (as opposed to the modern plastic version) on the wall with the prongs facing out. The prongs double as a shelf and towel pegs.

6. Use an Oven Rack for Earrings

Need a place to hang all your non-stud earrings? Spray paint an old oven rack the color of your choice and hang it on any wall that poses no risk of you losing an earring down a drain or in the toilet.

7. Use a Cupcake Stand

A tiered plant or cupcake stand makes for a pretty holder for perfumes, decorative soaps and other small items you want to raise off the bathroom vanity. This will give you more space and clear up some clutter.

8. Alter Medicine Cabinet for Toothbrush Storage

Does it gross you out to have your toothbrushes exposed to the elements on your vanity next to the toilet? Cut out small notches on a shelf in your medicine cabinet to hang everyone’s toothbrush behind the protection of the mirror.

9. Use a Wine Rack for Towels

Hang a wine rack on a wall near the sink or shower to hold rolled-up towels. This gives you a classy look for storing towels within reach when you need them the most.

10. Utilize the Bottom of a Shelf

Maximize a bathroom shelf by screwing the lids of mason jars to the bottom of the boards. Then screw on jars filled with Q-tips, cotton balls, scented soaps, or anything else you use often. If you don’t have mason jars, you can use old jars of baby food or spaghetti sauce.

11. Use a Mesh File Box for Styling Tools

Need a sturdy place to store your frequently used styling tools? Attach a mesh file box to the side of your vanity to hold brushes, combs, blow dryers, etc. Mesh file holders can be found at pretty much anywhere that sells office supplies, and they shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks.

12. Use Planters or Whiskey/Wine Barrels on the Wall

Hang half-planters or shortened whiskey barrels on a wall to store towels, toiletries or toilet paper. This is especially useful if you want a rustic look in your home.

13. Install a Rod Inside Cabinets

Install a short tension rod inside your vanity cabinet to hang cleaning products with spray nozzles.

14. Store Occasionally Used Items Above the Door

Mount a shelf above the bathroom door to store infrequently used items. This is a great way to get those hardly used items out of the way, but keep them within close reach when you need.

15. Paint Old Flowerpots for Storage

Paint flowerpots for a decorative option to store soaps, Q-tips and cotton balls. To hold your family members’ toothbrushes in a way that they won’t touch, insert cut-to-size green foam in the flowerpot and poke holes slanted in different directions to store the toothbrushes.

16. Create Double Corner Shelves

Maximize storage space by creating “double corner shelves” from wooden magazine storage folders mounted horizontally.

17. Use a Screen for Earring Storage

Frame a screen or radiator grate to create a decorative place to hang earrings. It would also be wise to not use this near a drain.

18. Hang a Country Bucket

Hang a vintage milk bucket or antique toolbox to add country flair (and extra storage!) to your bathroom.

19. Mason Jar Storage

Mount a painted board over your sink and give each family member their own storage for their toothbrush and toothpaste by hanging labeled mason jars using round metal hose clamps.

20. DIY Jewelry Rack

Spray paint an old shutter and use ornament hangers to organize necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry.

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  1. helen Schoenfeld says:

    I just remodeled, with little storage space. A storage ottoman works great for towels as well as a “tuffet”, and I used a dream-catcher, embroidery hoops with cross-stitch fabric, a shadow box with a chain stitched to go back and forth, and a tiny knick-knack shelf with hooks for my bling. It all “pops”, it’s easy to grab things, and looks fabulous.

  2. I hung little buckets from Target (that are a little taller than the usual buckets) under the medicine cabinet. I just used cup hooks. This is where we keep our Sonicare brushes and toothpaste. I have another by the sink for hair brushes, clips and pony tail holders. We have an over the toilet space saver that is basically our linen closet and on top are two baskets where we keep all the towlels. Very small bathroom…

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