Portable Dishwasher Basics

Portable Dishwasher

Ah, the portable dishwasher…that lowly box that resides on your countertop. Daily, it does it’s job without complaint, swallowing whole dirty dishes, and returns them sparkling clean in just an hour’s time. Over time though, your machine might start to seem sluggish, so here are some tips to help you get the most out of your dishwasher.


How to Help Your Portable Dishwasher:

Pre-wash those dishes! I know it’s easier to rinse it off a little bit, and shove it in the washer, but if you can get just about all of the food particles off the plate, it’ll clean much easier.

Use a good quality detergent. Cheap detergents contain lots of filler, mostly silicates, which scrub the dishes, but do nothing to disinfect. I’m not partial when it comes to brands, but Cascade ™ is a proven detergent, and tough to beat among liquids and powders.

Make sure the incoming water is sufficiently heated. 118 degrees F-125 degrees F is a good range. Low temp water will not sanitize during the rinse cycle, and detergents don’t work well in cold water. They tend to clump up and leave residue on dishes.

Run an empty cycle once a month with a 50% solution of vinegar and water through the washer. Hard water clogs spray arms and filters, and coats the inside of the wash chamber, making it tough to properly clean those dishes. By the way, most dishwashers today have stainless steel interiors and will easily discolor, so don’t use harsh chemicals as they can permanently damage the finish.


That’s all for this week, follow these tips, and let your dishwasher work harder, so you don’t have to!

Dave’s Tip of The Week: Clean your appliance’s air and water filters on a regular basis; your appliance will thank you for it.

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