A Baby Shower with a Splash

Nostalgia Electrics Party Fountain

This past weekend I threw my very first baby shower for some amazing friends!  In my beginning ventures to pick out the perfect theme I was caught up in cookie cutter themes that have been done a thousand times over.  If you have a boy you should expect trains, baby bears or prince themes to name a few.  It wasn’t until I starting looking online that I found the perfect custom theme “Woodland Creatures” and all things natural and outside.

So I went to town on creating little woodland creatures, and beautiful flowers that felt random and fresh picked in mason jars, and crinkled grass.  But I wanted something that made…well a splash and found the  Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Party Fountain.

Because this was a baby shower I made lemonade for the fountain and it turned out amazing!  It became the hit of the party and what everyone was talking about.  It just added that extra bit of sweetness and whimsical delight needed!  It was extremely easy to put together and operate and sounded so relaxing in the background with the trickling lemonade.  So I hope when you plan your next shower, party or get-together this inspires you in finding those extra special touches and maybe even your very own fountain!

Nostalgia Electrics Party Fountain  Nostalgia Electrics Party Fountain  Nostalgia Electrics Party Fountain