Top Commercial Products: EdgeStar Medical Freezer Update

EdgeStar Medical Freezer Open

I’ve already talked about many of the reasons the EdgeStar CMF151L medical freezer is great for commercial use in my first post on the unit, and now I have an exciting update.

Florida has recently passed a bill aimed at allowing Floridians to receive vaccinations for Shingles and pneumonia.  This bill is being called the “Access to Vaccines” bill and has ramped up demand for vaccines to be stored in Florida pharmacies.  Read more about this breaking news in the pharmaceutical world here.

To house these vaccines for periods of time, a medical/vaccine freezer is needed.  That is where Living Direct, with the help from EdgeStar comes in to play.  Leading pharmacies are gearing up to administer these vaccines and have called upon Living Direct to provide them with these specialized freezers, which get down to the critical temperature of -20°C.

If you work for a pharmacy that offers or will be offering these vaccines, we would love to work with you on providing the proper storage.

Ryan is the head of Business Sales for Living Direct. If you are interested in learning more about any of our commercial products or wish to make a bulk purchase from our site, you can reach Ryan at 1-800-297-6076 or contact him through this form.

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