5 Places That Would Benefit From a Portable Ice Maker

There is nothing like coming inside the house on a hot day, filling a tall cup with a delicious beverage, and adding ice cubes. Within minutes, condensation appears on the side of the cup as the dropping temperature of the beverage creates a reaction between the cold cup and the warm air. A cup filled with an ice cold drink is rarely finished off quickly. Instead, it is held, savored and enjoyed for the cool relief that it brings with it.

A portable ice maker helps to ensure that ice is always available for those who prefer to enjoy a cool drink on an overly warm day. Here are some places that these small sized ice makers may come in handy.

EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker

1. Home

Many homes today have refrigerators with ice makers built in. While these are easy and convenient, there does seem to come a time, in the life of the fridge, that the ice maker stops working. This could be due to minerals in the water supply that flows to the refrigerator, wires that refuse to send power to the ice making unit, or even a blockage in the filling tube.

In order to have this type of problem repaired, many find that the cost of a service call alone is surprisingly high, not to mention the parts and the man hours needed to see the problem through to a solution. Some, who are unable to afford the costly fix, choose to purchase a portable unit instead. By doing this they are still able to have ice in their drinks whenever they want without having to pay a very expensive repair fee.

2. Backyard Party

A portable ice maker is also a great addition to a backyard party or barbeque at the park. Because the unit is easy to move, it helps to circumvent the need for dripping bags of ice that need to be stored in a cooler, or for someone in the party to make the trip to and from the house to refill the ice bowl which seems to melt almost as soon as it is carried outdoors.

3. Break Room

Besides a microwave and a coffee maker, it is not often that a company break room has a wide selection of top-of-the-line appliances. This is due to the fact that the room is meant to be used on a very limited basis. Foods can be heated, stored and eaten here, but as a general rule, most would not qualify a break room as a real kitchen. Because the appliances tend to be utilitarian at best, the refrigerators rarely have automatic ice makers. The purchase of a portable ice maker for the break room at work is something that every employee will appreciate.

4. Catering

Those who work in the catering industry know the importance of keeping foods at the right temperatures. Certain foods must maintain a certain temperature in order to preserve the taste and discourage bacteria from multiplying. Recommendations state that warm foods should be kept between 160 and 165 degrees while cold foods should be kept below 40 degrees. Sterno cans are typically used to keep warm foods at the correct temperature. Bowls of ice are used for those foods which should remain cold.

Some catering companies have found it beneficial to purchase portable ice machines to take to events with them so that they can insure they will not run out of it. Some catering companies plug their portable ice maker into a power outlet in the back of the catering vehicle so that ice can be made while they are driving to an event.

5. Hotel Rooms

In a recent test by CBC Marketplace, hotel ice machines were found to have many dangerous problems. When the air vents were thoroughly analyzed, mold, dust and bacteria were found. When the machines were given a bacterial test, some signs of fecal contamination were present.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, hotel ice machines are meant to be safe and clean, however many are not serviced at all until they break down. If your work requires that you spend time in a hotel room while you travel, you may want to purchase a small portable ice maker to take with you. By doing this, you may be able to avoid many grimy germs that may be lurking inside the ice machine down the hall.

How You Can Benefit From a Portable Ice Maker

There are many places that would benefit from a portable ice machine. From homes where built-in ice makers are no longer functioning to traveling catering trucks, the benefits of having readily available ice are amazing. One important fact to note with portable ice makers is that they are not able to store the ice (Keep it frozen) for long extended periods of time. You will need to either use the ice as it is formed or remove and store in a cooler or freezer for later use.

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